What Are Tonsil Stones, and Why Do I Have Them

Our tonsils are some of the the very initially lines of defense versus disease. They work like nets or skimmers, trapping bacteria and viruses because they go through the throat. However, they do not consistently work the way they are designed to. On event germs, dead cells and mucous may become trapped within the crevices assembly of the tonsils, and solidifying into little white or yellow-colored stones called tonsil stones.

These stones, likewise called tonsilloliths are rolled up bits of bacteria, post-nasal drip and food that accumulate in and round the tonsils. These accumulations pile up into little, tough, yellowish stones which look like little, white spots that are nearly imperceptible in the rear of your mouth. They are also able to result from overactive salivary glands or a response to dairy products.

The truth is, until lately many people believed they were little gatherings of plaque, or bits of food that just got captured in the rear of the throat. Since a lot of these stones are really so little, they sometimes are not even detected until they show up on a CT scan or an X ray and are easily overlooked.

But how do you know in the event you’ve tonsilloliths? The symptoms may be hugely humiliating and are not pleasant. The most typical is the feeling of having something put in a feeling of your throat or the rear of your throat tightening up. You may have a metallic aftertaste you can not get rid of and putrid breath.

There are many different treatments for tonsil stones. Many people develop an exhaustive routine of regular and gargling brushing, along with scraping the rear of the throat using a toothbrush. It is also possible to reach back with your hand or perhaps a cotton swab to gently squeeze the people out from the base of the the tonsil by brushing and pressing. There are lots of sites on the best way to eliminate the people, with more tips and suggestions.

In addition, there are operative treatments. One alternative would be to get cryptolysis, where a surgeon will make use of a laser to take off the stones and smooth the surface of the tonsil away to stop the additional development of tonsilloliths. But remember, these imperfections within the surface of the tonsil are accustomed to help capture bacteria.

The most radical procedure would be to get your tonsils entirely removed. This will not heal the bad breath left behind, it will not remove the bacteria and it will not entirely stop the assembly of stones, while it can prevent the configuration of tonsil stones. All it’ll do, to tell the truth, is remove your tonsils. Operative treatments are also pricey and may take as much as a month to completely recuperate from.

There are different ways to help fight with tonsil stones, included in this diet and good oral hygiene. Reduce in your dairy product intake and do not eat before bed for half an hour to keep food from piling up. Brush your teeth before bed to keep bacteria from beverage water, gargle and gathering and after you eat. Will following these tips be great for your breath as well as your mouth, but great for your body, too.

Are you carbo-loading the wrong way?

Every runner knows that the night before a big race, you’re supposed to eat a giant bowl of pasta…right? Wrong.

You can’t completely fill your muscles with glycogen from just one meal, “which is why you should start carbo-loading two or three days before your race,” says Monique Ryan, R.D., author of Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes.

Here are four other rules of carbo-loading you need to follow to run your best:


Starting two to three days before your event, 85 to 95 percent of your calories should come from carbs. You’re not eating many more calories per day than you were during the thick of your training—it’s just that more of those calories are coming from carbs.


Both nutrients fill you up faster than carbs and take longer to digest, Ryan says. Pick jam—not butter—for your toast, tomato sauce in lieu of alfredo sauce on your pasta, and frozen yogurt instead of ice cream for dessert.


Not all carbs are created equal. Tortillas, oatmeal, bread, pancakes, waffles, bagels, yogurt, and juice are all easy-to-digest options.


Even if you carbo-load properly, you still need to take in midrace fuel (such as sports drinks, gels, chews, and candy) to keep your energy level high.

Tell us: What’s your favorite food to eat in the days before a race?

Menopause for Woman

Menopause is when menstruation ceases and the ovaries permanently stop releasing eggs. It is considered complete when a woman has been without her period for a full year.

The transition of menopause starts with different menstrual cycle length and ends with the last menstrual period. Perimenopause means “the time around menopause” and is often used to refer to the period of the menopause transition. It is not officially a medical term, but is sometimes used to explain some aspects of the transition to menopause layman’s terms. Postmenopause is the entire time period that comes after the last menstrual period.
Menopause is the time in a female’s life when the function of the ovaries ceases. The ovary (female gonad), is one of a pair of reproductive glands in women. They are located in the pelvis, one on each side of the uterus. Each ovary is about the size and shape of an almond. The ovaries produce eggs (ova) and female hormones such as estrogen. During each monthly menstrual cycle, an egg is released from an ovary. The egg travels from the ovary through a fallopian tube toward the uterus.

The ovaries are the main source of female hormones that control the development of the female body characteristics such as the breasts, body shape, and body hair. The hormones also regulate the menstrual cycle and pregnancy. Estrogens also protect the bones. Therefore, a woman may develop osteoporosis (thinning of bones) later in life when her ovaries do not produce adequate estrogen.

Perimenopause is different for every woman. Scientists are still trying to identify all the factors that initiate and influence this transition period.

At what age does a woman typically reach menopause?

The average age of menopausal period is 51 years old. But there is no way to predict when a particular woman will enter this condition. The age at which a woman starts having menstrual periods is also not age-related onset of menopause. Most women reach menstrual stage between the ages of 45 and 55, but it may occur as early as 30 or 40 years or may not occur until a woman reaches her 60s. As a rough “rule of thumb,” women tend to experience this condition at an age similar to that of their mothers.

Perimenopause, often accompanied by irregularities in the menstrual cycle with the typical symptoms of early menopause, can begin 10 years prior to the last menstrual phase.

What conditions can affect the timing of menopause?

Some medical and surgical conditions can influence the time.

Surgical removal of the ovaries

Surgical removal of the ovaries (oophorectomy) a woman of ovulation will result in immediate menopause, sometimes called surgical menopause or menopause induced. In this case, there is no perimenopause and after surgery, women will usually experience several signs and symptoms. In case of surgical menopause, women often report that the onset of menopause symptoms cause symptoms that are particularly severe, but it is not always the case.

The ovaries are often removed together with the removal of the uterus (hysterectomy). If a hysterectomy is performed without removal of both ovaries in a woman who has not yet reached the condition, the remaining ovary or ovaries are still capable of normal hormone production. While a woman can not have periods after the uterus is removed through a hysterectomy, the ovaries themselves can continue to produce hormones to normal time when it naturally occur. At that time a woman could experience the other symptoms such as hot flashes and mood swings. These symptoms would then not be associated with the cessation of menstruation. Another possibility is that premature ovarian failure will occur earlier than the scheduled time, from 1-2 years after hysterectomy. If this happens, a woman may or may not be symptoms of menopause.

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy of cancer

Depending on the type and location of the cancer and its treatment, these types of treatment against cancer (chemotherapy and / or radiotherapy) may lead to menopause if given to an ovulating woman. In this case, the symptoms can begin during the treatment of cancer or may develop in the months following treatment.

Premature ovarian failure

Premature ovarian failure is defined as the onset of menopause before the age of 40. This condition occurs in about 1% of all women. The cause of premature ovarian failure is not fully understood but may be related to autoimmune diseases or hereditary (genetic) factors.


Natural menopause is a gradual process. The ovaries begin producing lower amounts of estrogen and other steroid hormones prior to it during a phase called perimenopause.

When the condition occurs before the age of 40 is called premature menopause. It can occur naturally, but can also be the result of several conditions, including:

  • Family history of premature menopause
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Abnormalities of chromosome X
  • Medical treatments (pelvic surgery, surgical removal of the ovaries, chemotherapy or pelvic radiotherapy)
  • Medications that lower estrogen levels
  • Smoking

Risk Factors

A risk factor is something that increases your chances of getting a disease or condition. As this health condition is a natural process associated with aging, there are no risk factors.

Risk factors for premature menopause include:

  • Family history

The Niacin Studies

The article is from somewhere at internet, I put it here for my personal reading.

Schizophrenia paid medical studies in Portland, Oregon at VA Medical Center is seeking volunteers for Niacin Heritability Study and Time Course Study.

You may be eligible if you:

have a diagnosis of schizophrenia;
are in generally good health;
don’t take medication for blood pressure; and
don’t usually need aspirin or use pain medications

The Niacin Heritability Study
You may be eligible to qualify if you have been diagnosed with schizophrenia and have a brother, sister or parent who may also be interested in participating.

The study involves:

being interviewed by a psychiatrist;
having small volumes of methyl-niacin solution in contact with the skin of the forearms for up to ten minutes; and
sitting relatively still for up to 45 minutes while having your skin’s blood flow measured.

Methyl-niacin is a skin-permeable derivative of niacin. We will dissolve methyl-niacin in water and then place small drops of the methyl-niacin solution onto the skin in order to stimulate the blood flow in areas that are in contact with the solution. We will measure the skin’s blood flow painlessly, using reflected light.

The study will require two visits to the Portland VA Medical Center. Each visit will last between 4 and 6 hours.

Participants will be paid $40 for each visit.

Aside from these payments, there are no other benefits from participation in this study.

Jump Higher Training – Lift Less To Gain More!

Jump Higher Training – Lift Less To Gain More! Why Is This?

This is a Solid Principle that you are going to be learning today and most of today’s vertical jump training is CLUELESS about this principle.

And to be totally honest, athletes who don’t know this will never achieve a high vertical jump!

This is how Powerade Slam Dunk Champion and 7X ACC High Jump Champion Adam Linkenauger trained at Clemson University!

This is how Olympic Teams (all sports) worldwide train.  And this is how powerlifters and world’s strongest men also train.

Listen, you probably won’t find this anywhere else but here and in Adam’s Become A Freak V2 System – when related to vertical jump training.

So, how does it work…

When you lift weights, you damage your muscle cells to the point that your body and mind say, “My muscle cells got OWNED by the weight.  Therefore, I need to build better, stronger muscle cells so that next time those muscle cells can handle that weight.”

In other words…

We lift and work out in order to damage our muscle cells, which in turn will heal and grow bigger and stronger!  Pretty cool huh?

Now, hopefully this will make sense…

So by lowering your reps and adding more weight, your muscles are getting owned and your mind and body begins to fight back by building stronger muscle tissue.  It’s a beautiful thing!

But, on the other side of the coin…

You folks that crank out reps of 10 over and over again, your muscles are saying… “This sucks and I’m bored, I’m just gonna quit!”

And in turn, your mind and body are gonna say, “Well, that wasn’t very heavy, but my muscles are lazy as crap… so I am going to build them with slow twitch, non-explosive well enduranced muscle fiber so they can lift LIGHT weight for longer.”

This in NOT what we want…

We want to build strong, explosive, fast twitch muscle fiber and the best way to make this happen is by using a heavy weight, low rep scheme!

A 5X5 (sets X reps) scheme is perfect for this!

I hope you “get” this philosophy and utilize it.  It’s legit and you will notice steady gains in your lifts which will transfer over to gains in your vertical jump!

Become A Freak V2 will show you the way!


Aromatherapy is a peculiar type treatment with extracts from medicinal plants and herbs. This treatment is about thousands of years old and has been becoming prevalent world wide irrespective of their culture. Aromatherapy is the ancient method of treatment commonly used to improve healing, relaxing and revitalizing of our body systems. This is a very positively responding treatment to have physical and mental wellbeing of people. The medicines of this therapy are considered as the fastest developing alternative medicines of the world.
Since plant and herbal extracts are the key factors of this treatment, very high attention is needed to prepare the same. These extracts are termed as ‘Essential Oils’. These essential oils are used either as alone or in combination with certain other vegetable or herbal oils to develop the desired result within a short time. The combination of different essential oils to enhance the power of the treatment is termed as the ‘Synergy’ of oils. In aromatherapy we can find different surprising combinations of herbal essential oils for the treatment of various ailments.
Scientists have conducted researches on these essential oils. They came to the conclusion that these oils have got medicinal properties and can be used for the treatment of physical and psychological ailments. According to their report the essential oil has certain unique properties to fight against bacteria and virus. Certain other oils can stimulate formation of urine, blood circulation and hormones. In the psychological treatment it can be used as very safe tranquilizer with out fearing about side effects.
In the inhaling process of the aromatherapy the vapors of the essential oils are used to counteract the ailments. The medicinal vapor enters into the brain through the nasal holes and stimulates the nervous system. The nervous system in turn influences body systems to function properly. This treatment corrects the production of hormones, stimulates the function of brain, controls the heart beat, enhances the blood circulation to normalize the blood pressure, controls breathing process, reduces stress and stimulates the memory power. This is how the essential oil works to develop the physical and mental wellbeing in aromatherapy.
Since the essential oils are highly concentrated in nature, it is too dangerous to have the same internally. If needed, the same can be consumed in highly diluted form only under medical supervision. Essential oils are also toxic in nature. So it is essential to keep them out of reach of children.
The aromatherapy is helpful in reducing muscular pains, backache, sprains, frozen shoulder and stiff neck. For this treatment one or two drops of aromatic essential oils can be applied directly to the affected area with vigorous message in circular motion using palms and fingers. The patient will feel relief and relax with immediate effect. This miraculous nature of the essential oils fascinated the sportsmen and athletes to adopt aromatherapy to get relief from pains and sprains. The pain reliving nature of the essential oils can also be applied in the treatment of rheumatism. The main advantage of this treatment is that there won’t be any side effects in all these occasions. Since it is friendly in nature essential oil can be kept at homes to produce pleasant aromatic fragrance in rooms and also for the local application on the body.
Thus, the Aromatherapy has been getting recognition among people all over the world.

Find Health Insurance to Match your Budget by Comparing Quotes

So you have finally decided to get health insurance. Although it is additional expense, it is an essential one that will ease up the financial burden when the time comes to pay hospital bills. But, if this is your first time buying insurance, you might not know how to go about finding health insurance to match your budget. There are ample health plans available, but the huge volume can be completely overwhelming. However, there are a few things you must keep in mind while obtaining health insurance.

First of all, you must decide the premium payment you can afford to make. Do you want a larger deductible and pay relatively small monthly premiums? Or would you rather pay the normal premium with no deductibles? A larger deductible involves a larger expense out of your pocket. However if you select no deductibles, the premium each month on health insurance will be quite high. However, you won’t spend too much yourself at the time of a health insurance claim. In other words, the insurance will take care of all the medical expenses.

You must also decide beforehand what type of health insurance coverage will match your needs. If you are a male, coverage for gynecological checkups is not needed. On the other hand, you would need good drug coverage if you take a plethora of drugs and medications. If you still find it difficult to choose a good health insurance plan, check out health insurance quotes that match your budget. You can get several free quotes that you can compare. The quotes received are compiled in table format so that you can easily compare features. Basic health insurance might match your budget, so go for it.


Where do I begin with Daleks?

There is so much wrong with this classic villain that it’s hard to know how they’ve managed to survive relatively unchanged for forty five years. My best guess is that rather counter intuitively that the most feared race in the universe has become a familiar, warm and cuddly reminder of childhood and therefore untouchable in the (weak) minds of the nation.

When I say nation I do of course mean the estate of Terry Nation who no doubt see the unchanged, unimpressive, unemotional Daleks as a cash cow to be milked until the end of all time.
The Original Daleks

They first sprung into being in 1963 in the second Doctor Who series and are described as a powerful race of mutants seeking to dominate the entire universe. They are completely without emotion, so no love or pity or guilt or compassion. Oh, except they can still hate.

Yeah, that makes sense, no emotion except hate. Nice one. Not one-dimensional in the slightest then?

It makes my fucking blood boil to see this supposedly master race portrayed so badly. Like most of Doctor Who the Daleks are a great idea spoiled by piss-poor implementation.

In fairness to them I recall the first time they appeared in the new Doctor Who. The ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston, discovered one in some rich nutter’s underground, alien artifact museum.

Even though it was chained up and damaged Christopher Eccleston still managed to portray palpable fear. For an instant I felt the true menace that an alien race that was hell bent on wiping out everything that wasn’t them, could inspire.

Of course later in that episode when it inevitably escaped it became the shouty caricature we know and, I am reliably informed, love.

The principal behind the Daleks is sound, see my comments above, it’s the design and execution (should that be extermination?) that’s flawed. The design hasn’t changed in any significant way since they first appeared, the picture at the top of the page is from the 1965 movie Dr Who And The Daleks and the image below from the 2007 episode Daleks In Manhattan.
The New Daleks

Not much fucking difference is there? Forty two years and they still have sticks for arms, light bulbs on their heads and a single ‘eye’ on a stalk.

BBC should look to the gold standard of series reboots Battlestar Galactica and their handling of the reinvention of the Cylons. The new Cylons were familiar yet more menacing. The designers of Battlestar Galactica used CG to their benefit, no longer did the Cylons need to have a bloke inside, therefore they designed them free of those constraints.

And they did a fucking great job. The only real movement we’ve had on the Dalek front, aside from changes in colour and dimensions, has been this abortion.
Dalek Sec

Dalek Sec. Part Dalek, part human, part spiv. What the fuck were they thinking!

I think it’s safe to say that it’s time they were redesigned. In the redesign they should look to change three of the most obviously shit Dalek characteristics.

The Voice
That fucking voice! Jesus it’s old hat. Why must they insist on screaming exterminate at the top of their lungs all the time?

A greater sense of menace would be achieved with a deep, menacing, growling, animal voice. Or better yet no voice at all, have them communicate telepathically, with only the chief Dalek ever communicating anything.

Surely that makes sense? If they’re as advanced and as hell bent on destruction as we’re lead to believe surely they wouldn’t have to communicate with each other, and anyone within the vicinity, in their preposterous shouty voices?
The Shell
How many times have they changed the actual Dalek creature inside the shell? This relatively unseen, aspect of the design has been redesigned numerous times but they always left the bit that matters alone.

It’s time they looked at giving the Daleks different shells, all we get at the moment is a few different colours. Hardly the most important consideration to a master race? Although, having said that, the Nazis did like a good uniform.

No, this is too obvious to ignore. The traditional Dalek shell might be ideal for life on Skaro, assuming radiation turned every surface to glass, lovely smooth glass, but for the conquering of space I think we need to look at a few more designs.

Call me a radical but I think it’s probably time they had legs. Legs and big fucking guns. Make them scary again. An army of insect like Daleks that, very much like the Cylons, retain a few design hints of the past (I’m thinking bobbles and ‘eye’ stalks) but manage to give them a true air of menace.

Sure they should keep the traditional shell for use on board their ships or whatever, just give them some more appropriate tools for the universe domination part of the thing. For example flying, I have no desire to see the traditional Daleks flying.

If they need to fly give them flying machines, remember the Dalek is inside the shell, the shell is not the Dalek.
Their Goals
What are their goals nowadays? Do we actually know?

The Klingons joined the federation when shit got fucked up in their solar system. The Cylons have found God. Christ, even the Predators help humans from time to time.

The Daleks just seem to be painted as overwhelmingly ineffectual pantomime villains, who’s only apparent goal is to interrupt The Doctor’s regular visits to Queen Victoria and William Shakespeare (as routinely as Michael Parkinson interviews Muhammad Ali and Billy Connolly, each new Doctor is sure to visit that pair at some point).

Give them a proper purpose, let them regroup, redesign and come back stronger to either take over the universe or alternatively join forces with The Doctor to defeat a race of beings who threaten even them.

Whatever they do though let’s not have them atop the Empire State Building again though, eh? What was the fucking point of that!